Guru Dev left his body on 5th April 2021. 

Guru Dev Singh was the living Master of Sat Nam Rasayan.  Acclaimed as one of the greatest healers of our time, people from around the world came to be healed or learn to heal with Guru Dev. 

He was born in Mexico and had a background in the ancient Mayah and Toltec curandero traditions.  He was responsible for the creation of the International School of Sat Nam Rasayan which, over the years, has produced some of the finest healers in the world.

For thousands of years Sat Nam Rasayan was a secret yoga tradition.  It was taught in silence by a master to his student and only a few highly developed  students were so privileged.   Training lasted several years until the student could recognise and maintain a state of neutrality and silence.

Guru Dev Singh came to Europe in 1989 and started to teach  Sat Nam Rasayan openly, according to the wishes of his teacher.   For those lucky enough to have experienced Guru Dev's teachings and workshops will know that this experience is one to be treasured.

Yogi Bhajan graced Guru Dev Singh with traditional training in Sat Nam Rasayan.