Level One Topics

  • Provides a basic understanding of the meditative state  of Sat Nam Rasayan, becoming aware of the sensitive field
  • Learn to become stable in shuniya (inner silence) and  observe all sensations (sensitive field) of the body
  • Practice to learn to move the awareness in this meditative space, equalizing the space, recognizing and resolving resistances
  • Learn to individualise, recognising the relation to the  other in oneself and resolving the resistances of the relation in oneself
The base of this healing is actually the first Aquarian Sutra "Recognise the other is you".  When you have a pain, I also have a pain because on a certain level which we can experience, we are not separate.  If I resolve that pain in me, the pain in you will also resolve.  This is the basis of healing in Sat Nam Rasayan. To learn this technique, you follow three steps or rules: Everything I know I know because I feel it (the basis of Sat Nam Rasayan is the experience, not your knowledge)
  1. I can only feel myself in relation to something or somebody (Sat Nam Rasayan only happens in yourself and the implication is "Recognise the other is you").
  2. Everything which happens is part of the relation (a hint towards non duality.  This will become clearer when you have an experience in this work).

Level Two Topics

Introduction to the 5 Elements The base of the second level of Sat Nam Rasayan is the work with the 5 elements. In Sat Nam Rasayan the healer learns to balance the 5 elements in his client only through his meditative mind. Each problem, may it appear physical, emotional or mental can be approached by balancing the five elements. Forms In forms we research to apply an outer form through our meditative state. In this way we can heal by sounds, written symbols, mantras or gestures. This is a very interesting and complex application of Sat Nam Rasayan. Dream state - Mind and Meditation In dream state we learn to use the flow of our mind as a tool in healing. This work will develop your ability to be aware of the flow of your mind without being attached or attracted to its content. This is maybe the most important ability in learning to  editate. On the deeper level you will recognize that the way your mind flows actually is an expression of your different relations. As a yogi and healer this will deepen your meditative practice, give you a incredibly powerful tool of healing and  open the door to self realization.