For thousands of years, Sat Nam Rasayan was a secret tradition. It was taught in silence by a master to his student and only a few highly developed students were so privileged. The process of training lasted several years until the student could recognize and maintain a state of neutrality and silence. Guru Dev Singh Phd, is the living master of this tradition. Yogi Bhajan, the master of kundalini yoga, graced Guru Dev Singh with traditional training in Sat Nam Rasayan. Guru Dev Singh came in 1989 to Europe and started to teach Sat Nam Rasayan openly, according to the wishes of his teacher. The university of Columbo awarded Guru Dev Singh an honorary doctorate for his achievements in complimentary medicine. Yogi Bhajan was convinced that in times of great changes, the world would need a strong group of healers. He wanted to make the knowledge of the old yogis accessible for all human beings. In recent years, Guru Dev Singh has trained a group of instructors around the world. This group supports him by spreading the teachings. The education of the Sat Nam Rasayan healer lasts three years and is divided into Level One (one year) and Level Two (two years). Each level can be finished with an examination and a certificate. In Level One, you learn to remain stable in the Sat Nam Rasayan state and to resolve simple tensions in the patient. Level Two offers the participants many opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual development. Many tools for deep healing treatments are taught here.

Sat Nam Rasayan

Guru Ram Das (1534-1581) Yogi Bhajan (1929-2004) Guru Dev Singh Phd (1948 – current)