Benefits of Sat Nam Rasayan

Even if you do not plan on becoming a healer, Sat Nam Rasayan is a great tool to add to your kundalini yoga experience. It will enhance your awareness of your subtle body and expand the capacity of your meditative mind. Sat Nam Rasayan opens your compassionate awareness so you can be sensitized and present. This yogic technology can have many healing benefits even if it is used solely for relaxation. Medical research has shown that relaxation lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and stimulates immune system cells and their functions. Sat Nam Rasayan teaches you to heal others, integrate silence and calmness into your life, release unhealthy behavior and allows you to experience every moment with mental clarity and presence. It allows you to handle your feelings, thoughts and emotions without any attachment to them and you develop and establish inner silence in your mind to hone your intuition. “When you become calm and still, the universe starts moving for you” Guru Dev Singh