"Ambrosio  is an exceptional teacher of Sat Nam Rasayan and the workshop taught by him in Melbourne in February / March 2014 was an amazing experience. He has a deep understanding of Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan , an ability to explain difficult concepts very clearly, and is able to tailor what he teaches to the exact needs of  the students. The workshop flowed beautifully, enhanced by his calmness and openness, and students, both new to Sat Nam Rasyan and more experienced, were able to quickly increase their skill level and the potency of their healings. Those attending the workshop were privileged to be in the presence of such a healer and teacher and a person of deep calmness , warmth and generosity. His individual healings incorporating osteopathic manipulations and Sat Nam Rasayan were outstanding.”
Geoff Charles March 2014
Ambrosio is an inspiring, gifted and very humble heart centered  teacher and healer.
Guru Dev Kaur/Kathy Heathcote March 2014

“What can I say about my first SNR experience?  I do not possess any psychic abilities but I was guided easily to a place of complete peace and tranquility.  The peaceful feeling expanded when my partner and I united into the sacred space where  barriers ceased to exist.  No other emotions existed but the feelings of pure happiness and gratitude during the three day course”.

Guru Devi Kaur, Sydney

“Words cannot describe Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR).  You have to feel it and experience its beauty yourself. I strongly believe this powerful healing technology should be here in Australia and firmly believe it will flourish and grow.  As one of my dear friends (and one of Yogi Bhajan’s first pupils) told me “Yogi Bhajan was a true master, not just because he had the knowledge, but in my observation, because he also understood that the variety of people on the planet require a variety of ways for each to be able to connect with their own soul and ultimately benefit from having a meditative mind…Everything is based on the broad yogic science of Kundalini Yoga.  Guru Dev was one of the few students of Yogi Bhajan who subscribed to tapes of all his classes and truly studied/studies them and presents the meditations as they were given and shares the benefit of his experience and his own expansion.”

Love and light, Guru Kirn Kaur, Melbourne

“Sat nam rasayan has brought my yoga practice and meditation to a deeper, more profound level. As a Kundalini yoga teacher it has helped me contain the space, allowing the experience of the moment to be as it is. Peace, love and light to all”.

Virginia Alexandra, Melbourne